Watch Jon Hamm pull weird sex moves on Kristen Wiig in red band trailer for Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids movie cast.

Trailers for big Judd Apatow-produced movies will always invite internet scrutiny, and moreso if the comedy stars an all-woman cast. The first couple of Bridesmaids trailers prompted some early scares, but these days we should keep in mind that not-as-rich-as-before studios often give good comedies bad trailers designed to lighten the wallets of broad audiences. (Seriously, ever seen the Hot Fuzz trailer? Serious disservice to one of the last decade's best comedies!)

Luckily, the new red-band trailer for Bridesmaids is a flattering one, introducing some racier scenes of the ladies cutting loose — and one of Jon Hamm playing with Kristen Wiig's boobs! Everybody wins.