Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly plans non-insane comeback film

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Anyone who saw Southland Tales or The Box probably wondered what the hell happened to the promising kid who directed Donnie Darko. (I know I did — when the batshit clusterfuck that was Tales came out in 2007, I interviewed Kelly for Nerve, and while it was a perfectly friendly conversation, I'm pretty sure my bafflement came across). Those hoping he'd return to the humanity of his early work probably weren't too heartened to hear that his next project was an animated Southland Tales prequel (because if there's one thing that story needed, it's more story).

But now the AV Club reports that he's working on a non-sci-fi thriller about an unstable Iraq War veteran. (Now that I think of it, Justin Timberlake played an unstable Iraq War veteran in Southland Tales. At least I think he did.) Actually, Corpus Christi doesn't actually sound that much less out-there than Kelly's other recent works (from Variety: "Texas-set story concerns a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran, who forges a strange friendship with his boss, a wealthy and politically ambitious owner of a supermarket chain"), but maybe he'll finally rein it in. Say what you will, but he's certainly not predictable.