Lovelace continues baffling Gloria Steinem casting picks with Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker

The role of Gloria Steinem in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, Lovelace, has been recast after Demi Moore's departure, and I remain unconvinced that anyone in the casting department for this movie actually knows who Gloria Steinem is. Because after the puzzling choice of Moore, Lovelace is now giving us the equally puzzling choice of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Moore dropped out of the film earlier this week after she was rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion (or, rumor has it, a Whip-Its overdose) and later checked into rehab. Though it was initially reported that Mary-Louise Parker would be stepping into the vacant role, any hope for a somewhat logical casting call was dashed when directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman revealed the part was actually going to be the other, less interesting Parker. She will begin shooting on Monday.

Hopefully I'm not alone in finding it just a tad bit ironic (and pretty depressing) that our new Steinem's last leading role was in a movie reviled by critics for its "hopelessly outdated viewpoint on gender." Seriously, Epstein and Friedman, was there no one else available? Because, oh god, I can already see the "Gloria" necklace in gold cursive. Make it stop. Please. Make it stop.