See if you can spot the Alien references in the Prometheus trailer

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Fans of Ridley Scott's Alien and its sequels (well… some of them) have long been wondering if the film was a prequel to those iconic movies, and while Scott has hedged with his response — yes but not really but maybe but no perhaps? — the first trailer proves that it will do some heavy lifting when it comes to expanding the world of the earlier series. Space jockeys! Hibernation chambers! Weird goo and stuff! Indulge your inner or outer geek and see how stars Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Noomi Rapace fill in Ripley's shoes:

Well, color me somewhat relieved. As intrigued as I was by the mystery surrounding this movie and its connection to Alien, I couldn't stop thinking, "The last movie Scott made was Robin Hood. Robin Hood!" But the trailer has assured me that, if nothing else, the film will look great. (And not just because Fassbender takes off his shirt.) So, do we trust Ridley to further explore this universe (pun alert) without making it fall flat?