Star Trek's Zachary Quinto comes out as gay

Actor Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, recently came out as a gay man in an interview with New York magazine's Benjamin Wallace. When asked about his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, Quinto, who stars in the upcoming financial thriller Margin Call, spoke about the legalization of gay marriage in New York, as well as the recent suicide of bullied gay teenager Jamey Rodemeyer:

It seems like the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street — there’s such tremendous disparity right now. It’s like, you have the legalization of gay marriage in the state of New York and three months later you have Jamey Rodemeyer killing himself, yet another gay teenager bullied into taking his own life. And, you know, again, as a gay man, I look at that and say there’s a hopelessness that surrounds it. But as a human being, I look at it and say, “Why? Where is this disparity coming from and why can’t we as a culture, as a society, dig deeper to examine it?” We’re terrified of facing ourselves, we’re terrified of what we’ll find and so, instead, we seem to waste time and energy with small-mindedness and intolerance and with bigotry and with hatred and with fear.  

Since his breakthrough role as serial killer Sylar on Heroes, there has been much speculation in the media about Quinto's sexual orientation. Although he has played a series of gay roles and publicly supported gay-rights issues — even filming a video for the "It Gets Better" project — he has not previously commented on his sexuality, or publicly identified as gay. Hopefully Quinto — who wrote in a blog post that Rodemeyer's death motivated his decision to come out — will inspire others to follow suit. 


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Oct 16 11 - 11:24pm

Sulu is gonna be so happy!

Oct 17 11 - 12:05am

Zachary Quinto and George Takei ... that's actually a pretty adorable image!

Oct 17 11 - 9:04am

To the DeviantArts!

Oct 17 11 - 12:48am

Good for him. His recent actions will inspire those who are afraid to have courage against homophobic bigots.

Oct 17 11 - 2:13am

I wait for the day that we no longer burn cycles on who is fucking who. Seriously- what business is it of mine who this man loves, or not?

Oct 17 11 - 2:20am

It's our business to make religious bigotry a political agenda. If you need proof, just watch the useful idiots trolling me after this comment.

Oct 17 11 - 9:53am

The truth of the matter is that people love to gossip. It may be meant well or it may be mean-spirited, but we love to know the dirty details of other people's lives. Now that Zachary has come out, I hope he can start having relationships that he doesn't feel like he has to hide. I know how much hiding sucks and how great it is to be able to be in love without being on guard. This is good news.

Oct 17 11 - 2:38pm

Good news on Earth or Vulan?

@Republicans - It looks like your idiocy was useful enough.

Oct 17 11 - 3:00pm
Derp Observer

Thanks for proving my point, conservatroll!

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Oct 17 11 - 8:08am

I mean, how gay can you be if you only mate once every seven years? lol...

Oct 17 11 - 11:29am

Live long and prosper, Mr. Quinto.

Oct 17 11 - 11:41am


Oct 17 11 - 11:51am

All the Kirk/Spock slash fiction writers on the internet just got 50% validated.

Oct 17 11 - 12:15pm

Actually, monkey, it's the pro-gay people that are burning cycles on this topic. The rest of us could give a shit. It's not like somebody is going to unlike Star Trek or Heroes because this guy came out of the closet. I am equally tired of having the Bible and rainbow flags waved in my face.

Oct 19 11 - 10:25am

Of course people will "ban" or even "unlike" Star Trek because of this. Yes, they will.

Oct 17 11 - 12:52pm

This is one of the MANY reasons I simply don't give a crap about the personal lives and/or political opinions of actors! I may or may not enjoy whatever show/movie an actor is in, and take it for what it is, beyond that, actors lives are no more important to me than any other person I don't actually know.

Oct 17 11 - 2:08pm

Good for him! Now get back to work on the next TREK film!!!!!!!

Oct 17 11 - 2:48pm

Hey, nice, I was censored! Seems the "freedom loving" libs can't handle "free speech"!

Oct 17 11 - 6:32pm
Failed Trolling

Their censorship of your homophobia is their "free speech".

Oct 18 11 - 2:01am

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others, eh, jr?

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Oct 17 11 - 2:51pm

I knew he was too good looking to be straight...*sigh*

Oct 17 11 - 5:08pm

I'm so disappointed

Oct 17 11 - 7:31pm
julia s


Oct 17 11 - 8:12pm

The reason this is important is because gay kids are still bullied, thrown out of their homes, and made to feel worthless and afraid because of their sexual orientation. Every person that is no longer afraid to admit that they are gay is a step in the right direction. Congrats to Quinto, breaking through his glass closet; he wrote up a nice blog post about how making an It Gets Better video while still in the closet seemed painfully two-faced to him, in what seemed like a not-too-subtle jab at fellow glass closet roomie Anderson Cooper.

Gay people didn't decide to make their sexual orientation a political and cultural issue that people outside of their bedrooms had to weigh in on -- straight people did.

Oct 17 11 - 10:30pm


Oct 18 11 - 12:52am
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