The Artist star cut 9/11 joke from new sex comedy

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Although The Artist's Jean Dujardin captured Americans' hearts at the Oscars with his gushy, heavily-accented Best Actor acceptance speech, it appears that the Frenchman is attracting controversy for a deleted scene from his new film, which features a 9/11-related sight gag (three words I never, ever thought I would type). According to the UK's Telegraph, Dujardin cut the scene from his upcoming film Les Infideles because he was worried it would hurt his chances of winning an Oscar for The Artist.

The film, which Dujardin starred in and co-produced, is a comedy consisting of five sketches on infidelity by various directors (one of whom is The Artist's Michel Hazanavicius). In the sketch that stars Dujardin, he plays a caddish New York husband who takes one of his girlfriends to a hotel room. While he talks to his wife on the phone, Dujardin, who keeps his back to the window, insists, "Yes, yes, my darling, everything is fine!" moments after an airplane is seen flying into the World Trade Center in the background. (And yes, by the way, you did indeed read that right. Apparently that is what passes for humor in the nation that gave Jerry Lewis a Legion of Honor medal. Cue the sound of crickets chirping over stunned silence.)

Apparently, Dujardin and his co-producer cut the moment from the film — which is already garnering criticism for alleged sexism — because they knew the clip wouldn't go over well with Oscar voters. "The scene was considered too much for America. It would have been provocative, especially in the run up for the Oscars and other awards," a source close to the film says. Oh really, Source Close to the Film? You think? 

(BTW, the caption of that above image from the Les Infideles poster translates to, "I'm going into another meeting." And the other one with him on his cell phone says, "It's going to cut out, I'm going into a tunnel." And we Americans thought that Entourage was bad.)