The Expendables 2 movie poster has a lot of action stars in it

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The Expendables 2 is a sequel to The Expendables. It is an action movie. There are many actors who are known as "action stars" in it. This is a moniker used to describe someone who has, for whatever reason, specialized in starring in movies where they're forced to spend much of their screen time fighting. Usually this has to do with their tremendous physique or tough-looking countenance.

In The Expendables 2, the group of action stars, wearing various shades of black, will use a variety of guns and other weapons in an attempt to kill enemies who are also carrying guns and other weapons and who themselves will be attempting to kill the group of action stars. The reasons for the animosity the two groups feel for one another are incidental. Occasionally, instead of using guns or other hand-held weapons, they will use bombs and other larger explosive devices. These will create tremendous explosions with many balls of fire blasting upward into the sky. Also, there will be a double-cross of some sort and many perfectly-delivered lines of dialogue that will perhaps become "catch phrases." And, finally: helicopters.

The poster for the above-described movie is this: