The Killing‘s Veena Sud is remaking Hitchcock’s Suspicion

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Perhaps you were one of those unfortunate souls who stuck with AMC's The Killing all the way to the end. And perhaps, when greeted with the reality that the first season finale would not, in fact, reveal the murderer of Rosie Larsen, but would instead save the solution for those viewers who would somehow be tricked into watching an entire second season, you took off your shoe and hurled it at your television. And maybe then, in the wake of trying to determine how much damage you just caused, you swore off ever watching another production that included the name of the program's self-deluded showrunner, Veena Sud.

Or maybe you're not like at all. Maybe you enjoyed the clockwork delivery of red herrings at the ten-minute mark of every episode, the shots of star Mireille Enos just kind of looking at things for awhile in order to signal the depth of her ability to look at things, and the lack of really getting to know any characters, except maybe the Larsen family themselves, whose only direction was really just to cry a whole bunch. Maybe you kind of enjoy, as Heather Havrilevsky of the New York Times scathingly put it, watching "a twenty-six-hour episode of Law & Order" and only being halfway through it.

Which is all a much-too-long way of saying, if the prospect of Sud putting her Wheel of Red Herrings aside for a few moments while she pens the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Suspicion (a.k.a., 'The One Where Cary Grant Maybe Tries To Poison His Wife With A Glowing Glass of Milk') gets you excited, then today's your lucky day.