According to early box-office estimates, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, the fourth movie in the obscenely popular Twilight franchise, earned a staggering $72 million when it hit theaters Friday, making it the third highest-grossing opening day in box-office history. In terms of box-office openings, Breaking Dawn is preceded only by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, which raked in $91.1 million when it opened earlier this year, as well as The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which made $72.7 million when it opened in 2009. The estimate also takes into account the $30.3 million in box-office receipts from midnight screenings on Thursday.

Although reviews for the film have been lukewarm, averaging to a meager 27% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, EW estimates that the film's weekend box-office take will approach a mind-boggling $141 million, which would be the fifth-highest opening weekend in history. If you're like me and you have only seen the Twilight films whilst tipping back a jug of Carlo Rossi, these numbers might seem a bit shocking to you, but if you're one of the thousands of Twihards psyched about seeing Robert Pattinson's jaws liberate a vampire fetus from Kristen Stewart's blood-engorged belly, $141 million makes total sense. After all, with that kind of money, you could buy approximately 17.6 million jugs of Carlo Rossi, or approximately $7 million sensible Banana Republic button-downs for poor, shirtless Taylor Lautner. 

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Nov 20 11 - 12:43am

Maybe those ancient Mayans knew what they were talking about.

Nov 20 11 - 12:56am


Nov 20 11 - 2:06pm
Oh Hell

I'm team Jacob, all the way. Hot!

Nov 20 11 - 5:04pm


Nov 20 11 - 9:22pm

This makes me profoundly sad.

Nov 21 11 - 1:08am

People should be happy no matter how much dough these last movies bring in. Why? Because they are the LAST freaking movies. Move on and let the fans enjoy the end.