Entertainment Weekly’s “Avengers” cover does not look very good

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You could not find a person who is happier about the upcoming Avengers film than I am — Marvel for life — except maybe the good folks at Entertainment Weekly. They're so excited about it, they forgot how to use Photoshop.

Express train to the Uncanny Valley! I realize that for this particular set-up — which is oddly static for a big action movie — the actors would have to be photographed separately and put together on a computer. That's fine! But their heads are so very… not the right size for their bodies. And what is that face Mark Ruffalo is making? And how could they not see that it looks like Scarlett Johansson is shooting Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Hemsworth in the head? I know times are tough, Entertainment Weekly, but you absolutely must stop outsourcing your design work to your seventeen-year-old nephew.

That being said, if you have set pictures inside the issue, everything is obviously forgiven.