Epic, unreleased Bridesmaids bonus scene hits internet

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Quality is never a given when it comes to deleted scenes — they're usually deleted for a reason — but Bridesmaids has been a treasure trove for deleted and extended scenes that are actually worth watching. Now, thanks to the recently released Blu-Ray edition, we have an insanely long version of the short fight Kristen Wiig gets into with a teenage customer in the movie.

The full clip lasts a whopping ten minutes, which is longer than any argument over nothing I've ever witnessed (and believe me, that's saying something). Aptly, it's titled "The Longest Argument Ever," and highlights include Wiig getting taunted with zingers like "I bet you have HPV" and "I can tell you went to public school." 

But nothing cuts to the quick quite like telling someone older than you, "I bet you have a beeper!" Ouch.