Ewan McGregor voices “Jackboots On Whitehall,” the Robot Chicken of WWII movies

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A highly-respected ensemble of UK actors provide voices for Jackboots On Whitehall, a stop-motion animation spoof of WWII. (Can you even spoof WWII anymore?)

Voices on board include Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Merchant, Alan Cumming, Dominic West, and Rosamund Pike. As absurd for the times as this sounds, wacky, goofball antics with a sprinkling of alternative history sounds more within the realm of British comedy than, say, the casual mean-spiritedness of Team America. It's as if someone said, "How can we take these puppets and make them more Python-esque?" (Mmmm, Python-esque.)

With upmost respect paid to all the venerable British talent involved, the trailer is really, really fucking weird.

Can you believe this is a thing? Jackboots On Whitehall premieres in UK theatres October 8th.