Check out Filmdrunk’s “10 Cheesiest Movie Moments of 2011”

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Ah yes, cheese. That nearly-indefinable moment in cinema where sentimentality grows saccharine, where momentous turns maudlin, and where otherwise watchable films compel us to look away. Filmdrunk's "10 Cheesiest Movie Moments Of 2011" chronicles the moments that plagued the best (and worst) films of last year. They were moments that made us swoon, choked us up, and made us smile. But come to think of it, we've been swooning, choking, and smiling at same moments over and over since the invention of cinema. 

And I admit, I'm not immune to these tricks: I felt my heart strings tugged in Super 8, when we found out the kid keeps a picture of his dead mom in his locket. I laughed heartily at the line "But my locker was next to yours for all four years!" in Young Adult. And I didn't even mind that uncomfortable song that Michael Fassbender's sister sings him in Shame (at least not totally). 

It's weird: we've all seen these moments a billion times over, but every one of them disappears into the recesses of our mind until the next time it comes around, at which point we're wide-eyed at the edge of our seats, slappin' away at our knees. Here's hoping 2012 ushers in a better class of film cliches.