First review of “The Social Network” extremely positive

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Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg in THe Social Network

The first review of The Social Network (AKA the Facebook movie) is in, and it's a resounding success! Or so believes Scott Foundas, film critic of New York City's venerable Lincoln Center Film Forum crowd.   

Lest I seem to suggest otherwise, I hasten to add that “The Social Network” is splendid entertainment from a master storyteller, packed with energetic incident and surprising performances (not least from Justin Timberlake as Napster founder Sean Parker, who’s like Zuckerberg’s flamboyant, West Coast id). It is a movie of people typing in front of computer screens and talking in rooms that is as suspenseful as any more obvious thriller. But this is also social commentary so perceptive that it may be regarded by future generations the way we now look to “Gatsby” for its acute distillation of Jazz Age decadence.

Indeed! Social commentary, Justin Timberlake, The Great Gatbsy, Jazz Age, id, lest, hasten, yes yes. Clue has a point. We've all been quick to dismiss the movie  – because Zuckerberg is so contemptible, because we all know the story, because no one liked Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 and the Sunset Strip – but the Sorkin/ Fincher duo is a movie-making dream team. Both men are natural dramatists, and even a story as seemingly low-action as the growth of Facebook has promise when the man who made walking-and-talking exciting (Sorkin) and the guy who makes everything exciting (Fincher) come together.

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