First trailer for Todd Haynes’ remake of “Mildred Pierce” released

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Todd Haynes and HBO teamed up to remake the 1945 classic Mildred Pierce, which tells the story of a mother who struggles to keep her family's status in the midst of the Great Depression. Kate Winslet took over the titular role from Joan Crawford, and she was joined by Guy Pierce as her playboy lover, Evan Rachel Wood as her increasingly resentful daughter, and Melissa Leo as Patricia Clarkson (seriously, I really thought that was Patricia Clarkson in the trailer). 

Since this is going to be a five episode miniseries and not a 111-minute movie, I'm assuming Haynes went back to the source material as well as added some embellishments of his own. (For instance, Veda's singing opera now, which I think is new.) Check it out:

I'm tentatively excited for this. This promo looks pretty slick, and I do have faith in almost everyone involved. (I'm looking at you, Evan Rachel Wood.) Plus, this will probably give me a chance to use the phrase "Mildred Fierce" in conversation and have people get the reference. I can't ask for much more.