Flight of the Conchords might do a (probably adorable) movie

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Heterosexual indie girls and gay indie boys, take note: Bret McKenzie, one half of the comedy folk team Flight of the Conchords, has made his intentions known for a possible FOTC film. The more hirsute member of the Kiwi duo, who recently contributed several songs to The Muppets soundtrack, hints that a big-screen FOTC project could be in the works. "We're gonna try and do a movie," McKenzie says. "We just need a story." Hear that shrill, deafening, high-pitched tone? That's the sound of hundreds of thousands of fans collectively squee'ing across the nation. 

McKenzie, who will appear as an elf in The Hobbit, starred on the HBO series Flight of the Conchords with singer/songwriter Jemaine Clement for two seasons. Over the course of its brief run, the critically acclaimed series garnered a sizable cult following, earning a Grammy for Best Comedy Album in 2007.

An FOTC movie is sure to please fans who've been mourning the loss of the "Business Time" boys since the series went off the air in 2009, as well as those who are still trapped in the ongoing debate over whether or not Clement or McKenzie is hotter (I, personally, have yet to figure out where I fall on that one). While we're waiting for them to come up with a story, however, we can make do with this: