France pulls down racy posters for The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin new romantic comedy

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When you say the word "France," most people think of the Eiffel Tower, or maybe a general smugness, or smoking cigarettes for breakfast and downing croissants for lunch. Maybe it's the general feeling of France being a machismo-driven culture, or the recent attempted-rape-scandal that plagued one-time presidential contender Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but what you generally don't think about when you hear "France" is feminism.

But a change is coming, as evidenced by the recent controversy involving posters for the new romantic comedy Les Infideles. The posters feature the movie's star Jean Dujardin—from one of this year's most celebrated film The Artist— in various states of absent-mindedness whilst in the middle of banging away. The posters were taken down after complaints surfaced that they were not in "good taste" and allowed females to be seen in too subservient a position. Observe:

Oscar prognosticators are suggesting that this recent controversy may affect Dujardin's own bid for a Best Actor award, with voters running away from him and moving to a "safer" choice as to not give off the impression that America hates women. But, I mean, c'mon. That seems a bit like overkill, does it not?