Francis Ford Coppola wants to tour behind his new film

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Noted vintner Francis Ford Coppola wants to promote his new movie with a live tour.

The film, called Twixt, stars Val Kilmer as a writer doing a book tour that takes him to a mysterious town, where he gets caught up in savage killings and encounters a ghostly Elle Fanning, all while guided by the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe. Sounds a little off-kilter, but as long as it doesn't have Keanu attempting an English accent, I'm fine with it.

Anyway, Coppola wants to precede the film's national release with a live tour, where he'll be able to "add scenes, lengthen or shorten sequences, shuffle the action around, alter music and make other tweaks depending on how that night's audience is responding on the film," using digital technology.

Coppola initially wanted to do the live tour before Halloween this year, but the film doesn't have a distributor yet. He's premiering Twixt at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and hopes to land a distributor after that so he can do the live tour next spring.

"I consider it more what I call malleable cinema than interactive," Coppola said. "Because I didn't shoot it with real alternative plot lines. I could have, but I was thinking of it more as a Halloween show that you tailor to the audience. Not, does he go into the left door or the right door? And if he goes into the left door, that's a different story."

I'm really interested in this, and though it seems like the kind of media circus I'll never be able to get tickets to, it's a unique approach to film, provided it doesn't devolve into gimmickry. 3D has forced filmmakers' hands in all kinds of new ways, and though hopefully we'll never see the return of Smell-O-Vision, we will be able to see innovations like this continue to push the art form forward.