Gerard Depardieu pees on carpet of Air France plane

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Gerard Depardieu, legend of French cinema and large hairy man, just peed on a carpet — specifically, the carpet of an Air France plane preparing for takeoff. Informed by a flight attendant that bathrooms would be locked for fifteen minutes (until the plane was airborne), Depardieu announced, "Je veux pisser!" ("I want to pee!"), then unzipped and peed on the carpet, thereby delaying the flight by two hours.

(How do you react to this if you're a fellow passenger? It's hard to say as an American, since Depardieu doesn't have the same cachet here that he has in France. I suppose if I had a flight delayed for two hours because, say, Robert De Niro peed on the floor, I'd be more grateful for the story than anything else. Pacino, maybe.)

Anyway, passengers interviewed on French radio said that Depardieu had definitely been drinking, which is not too surprising. He also got in trouble last year for slamming Juliette Binoche apparently apropos of nothing; the explanation was, again, drinking. No word on whether Air France will be pressing charges, but between this and the allegation that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was habitually groping their flight attendants, their planes are starting to sound like frat houses with wings.