Get humbled by this supercut of Morgan Freeman’s deepest thoughts

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Morgan Freeman, as movie buffs know, is synonymous with gravitas. His deep, wise voice, earned through seventy-four years of life experience, is oracular and reassuring. To hear that voice read a phone book is to automatically be rendered a better person. That he's gone from playing Man on Street in The Pawnbroker to God in Bruce Almighty tells us that Freeman has more than paid his dues. 

The staff at Next Movie have put together a supercut entitled "Deep Thoughts… with Morgan Freeman", stringing together a number of Freeman gems culled from films like Glory, The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, Invictus, and Se7en. (Though nothing from The Electric Company, as you might imagine.) Sure, the lines aren't necessarily Freeman's, but no one can deliver them like The Man Who Was Born to Play Mandela. 

Watching the montage, any resistance is futile as you succumb to Freeman's wisdom born of humility, aided by a little heartstring music in the background. And if you're like me, you will say to yourself, "Damn, those are some deep-ass penguins," and also have a scary flashback to the fear of getting whacked with a Louisville Slugger by former high-school principal Joe Clark. (Portrayed by Freeman in Lean on Me.) Enjoy.