“Girl Walks Into a Bar” is the first, decent-looking film released only on YouTube

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Girl Walks into a bar

"YouTube-Exclusive Movie" sounds like "Straight-to-DVD's" dumber, less-talented twin. But, judging from the trailer for Girl Walks into a Bar, it could be the future of distribution. Despite the free web release, the upcoming ensemble comedy has the makings of a Hollywood film. It stars, among others, Zachary Quinto, Carla Gugino, Josh Hartnett, Rosario Dawson, and Danny DeVito. Snakes on a Plane writer/director, Sebastien Gutierrez, was behind the camera. Obviously, the fame of the actors and directors involved in the project doesn't automatically foretell the quality (if you don't believe me, remember Valentine's Day). It does show that they're taking this seriously, though, so at least the effort is there.

I hesitate to completely endorse this movie as the leader of an internet film revolution. (I mean, Snakes on a Plane wasn't Pulp Fiction or anything.) But I'll say this for it: it features strippers, guns, and naked ping-pong. Somebody is going to watch it.