Great lost indie film “Colin Fitz Lives!” finally released by IFC

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Colin Fitz Lives! starring William H Macy

The film Colin Fitz Lives! is the perfect example of why no one in their right mind should make an low-budget film. A smash hit on the indie circuit in 1997 — especially at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize — this Robert Bella-directed comedy was at one point poised to become a minor art house hit and strong VHS rental.

Cut to 13 years later and the public still has not seen it. Bella told Indiewire that it's been sitting in his closet all this time, a victim of credit card debt and other fiascoes. Yahoo! Movies explains: "In spite of the warm reception… Bella soon discovered none of the distribution deals offered would cover his costs. When it was all added up, including music rights, lab fees, and deferred salaries, the filmmaker realized that he would owe about $250,000." Better to be homeless and not owe William H. Macy and the rest of the union actors anything, he thought, and so Bella took to the streets and vanished.

But live on his title character has. Now, the story of the guys who are forced to guard a dead rock star's grave is out in select theaters and is now available on demand, thanks to IFC Films.

Watch the trailer here: