Gus Van Sant and Taylor Lautner actually making a film together, but not with Dustin Lance Black

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Many people raised their eyebrows when Noted Gays Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black had dinner with Noted Werewolf Taylor Lautner back in July. The trio's meal raised obvious questions: were they working on a project together? Were Van Sant and Black trying to fill their recruitment quota for the homosexual agenda? (Which reminds me, I really need to get on that. I'm only at six so far this quarter.) Had the two not seen the god-awful ads for Abduction, which probably would have sucked with or without Lautner but for which he certainly didn't do any favors?

Well, it looks like we finally have some answers: Van Sant and Lautner are developing a project together, which is surprising until you remember that 1. Van Sant really wanted to direct one of the Twilight films and 2. Van Sant did once get a good performance out of Keanu Reeves, who really blazed a trail in Hollywood for possessed mannequins like Lautner. As usual, the details of the project are being kept a secret so early in its development, though it has been confirmed that the film is based off a New Yorker article. (I'm going to guess it's this one about fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.)

Black, however, won't be writing the screenplay, he confirmed at the premiere of his most recent film, J. Edgar. But he went out of his way to assure everyone that Lautner is a very talented actor, and not just in the popular Crazy-Sick Ab Muscles school:

Black tells EW that those skeptical about Lautner’s ability to shine in an indie film should prepare for a good performance. We may just see a new side to the New Moon actor. “Gus has been so adept in the past at getting people to get to their best performances and I would really love to see Taylor at his best and I don’t know that we’ve see it yet,” he says. “I think that if someone can help him find the best him on screen, it’s Gus.”

I'll believe it when I see it, Dustin. And by that I mean I am definitely going to see this movie. Probably twice.