Gus Van Sant really wanted to direct a “Twilight” movie

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Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant's Restless, his first film since Milk, opens tomorrow. It stars Mia Wasikowska as a terminally ill girl who falls for a moody boy prone to attending funerals. But screw that Harold and Maude bullshit — all Van Sant wanted was a crack at Bella and Edward.

Van Sant apparently threw his hat in the ring to be the director for the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, last year, but never made it past one measly meeting. In addition to admitting he was "looking forward to" working with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, Van Sant had this to say about the "pop extravaganza":

"Well, they were really different, those films … I realized that in the style you directed it, you could make it into something that was your own … I think you could probably make it interesting. But I'm not sure, if I'd done it, what it would look like. It might have become similar to the others. I'm sure it would have in some ways."

Despite this crushing disappointment, Van Sant is excited about James Franco's recut of his film, My Own Private Idaho (yes, really), and the early test screenings for Restless. Though, a word to all you test audiences: he'd prefer it if you could stop blaming him for not getting laid.

"There can be romantic comedies. There can be dramas. But there's no "dark comedy" inbox for advertising. So [studios] might test [To Die For] as a romantic comedy when it's actually a dark comedy, and as a result you'll get a low score. You're saying, 'Bring your date! You're going to get laid on this one!' And then Nicole [Kidman] kills her husband, and the score is D or F because I'm not going to get laid now."

C'mon now, people. Everyone knows the go-to "get laid" Van Sant movie is his Psycho remake.