Hangover director brings his insane party antics to high school in Project X

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Don't worry: this isn't a remake of Matthew Broderick's seminal 1987 comedy about the ethics of animal research. No, it looks like Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and The Hangover 2, has had enough of hard-partying man children and has moved on to hard-partying child men. (Pretty sure that turn of phrase made perfect sense.) True, Project X is being produced by Phillips and not directed — Nima Nourizadeh got that gig — but it's hard not to imagine that Phillips' love of out-of-control partying, the kind that pushes the boundaries of what a human body could realistically handle, has a strong presence in this film. The plot is your basic "nerdy kid throws rager to become cool" story, but who cares about the plot when there's a bouncy castle?

It shouldn't surprise you that over the course of the evening something goes terribly wrong with the party, but unlike an actual high-school party where you might accidentally break a chandelier with a golf club (totally hypothetical, Mom), this one ends with… a riot? That makes little to no sense, sure, but I support this choice — because it's much better than the boring crap that goes on at actual high-school parties.