Harmony Korine directs a trailer-park-themed short film for Proenza Schouler

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This is what happens when you combine Breaking Bad, Kids, and a mushroom trip into one Lynchian trailer-park-themed short film. Fashion house Proenza Schouler roped weirdo film director Harmony Korine into directing a short film, Snowballs, featuring garments from their Fall 2011 line. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, designers for the house, apparently took a trip through the American Southwest and were "inspired by Navajo textiles." (They say that like that's some sort of unique influence. Have I not seen garments "inspired by Navajo textiles" every time I've left the house for the past two years?)

Anyway, the video features some models in latex masks and Native American headdresses dancing around in a backyard that sort of looks like a place people would go to do meth. Then they have a birthday party with an asthmatic, shirtless man — a scene that's pretty clearly a rip off of Laurel Nakadate's video work. McCollough semi-jokes that the film is "not like a sales vehicle. It's a sales deterrent if anything." Agreed!