Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington are tortured Mossad agents in ‘The Debt’ trailer

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Helen Mirren just cannot stop being a secret agent, it seems. Between her role in The Debt and her role in Red, she’s like a sexagenarian Angelina Jolie. But that’s just fine with me, because she’s just so damn good at it. The film follows three Mossad agents during two different time periods: in one, they are twenty-somethings tasked with finding and capturing the Surgeon of Birkenau; in the other, they are sixty-somethings still dealing with the mission and whatever it was that went wrong.

Also featured in the film are Sam Worthington — who just cannot stop being hot but maybe kind of bland, it seems — and an actress I was sure plays Hildy on Mad Men. She doesn’t, but I won’t let that stand in the way of my enjoyment:

From what I can tell, this seems like a slightly more thriller-influenced version of Munich (though perhaps not by much; there’s clearly emotional torment aplenty) with a dash of The Notebook added in (what with the time jumps). I’d most likely check out this movie anyway, but the siren song of Helen Mirren will probably make this unmissable.