Here are all the intros for the James Bond movies, at once

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Everyone knows the shot: A strange, vertigo-inducing spiral points onto a blank white backdrop. A man wearing a perfectly-tailored suit strolls into the frame, the spiral following him briefly. In an instant, the man whips towards us and draws his gun. He pulls the trigger and blood drips down, soaking the screen.

To call the shot that opens every James Bond movie "iconic" would be an understatement. With its inclusion in twenty-two films over the past fifty years, and the countless parodies that have cropped up over that time, the opening shot that showcases 007's cat-like reflexes and willingness to shoot first and ask questions later is a part of our collective pop-culture consciousness like few other images.

But seeing all of them side-by-side in the following simultaneous mash-up of every Bond movie ever is a mind-trip. If you're at work, pop on those headphones and blast this sucker, if only to bask in the song collage of the MGM lion's various roars throughout the past five decades.