Here’s a photo of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in jeans

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So, you know how Greatest Actor of Our Generation Daniel Day-Lewis is in Virginia filming the Steven Spielberg-directed Abraham Lincoln movie called, amazingly enough, Lincoln? Well, here's a candid photo that's been traveling all around the Internet at warp speed today of Daniel Day-Lewis, sitting in a cafe, dressed kind of like Good Ol' Abe:

As you've probably heard by now, DD-L— which I'm going to abbreviate from here on out because, c'mon, am I made of time or something?— is one of those very serious Method Actor types who gets into the character he's playing for extremely long and uncomfortable amounts of time during his shoots, going so far as requesting the crew call him something like "Mr. Lincoln," exposing himself to only mediums and foods that a man in the mid-1800s would have acces to, and perhaps even trying to find some great-great-granddaughter of Mary Todd to bed down. This is all circumstantial evidence that DD-L has some kind of mental defect or social anxiety disorder, and every character he plays is an escape from his real life, but since he's such a great actor we all look the other way and excuse it as "part of his process," when really we should band together and get him the help he truly needs. 

Well, according to the Twitter account of one Jeff Sneider, DD-L is back in that mode: He "hasn't broken his Lincoln accent since March" and "his real name doesn't even appear on the call sheet."

I have so many questions: What kind of mental gymnastics does DD-L perform to allow his Abe Lincoln to be walking around, sporting stone-washed jeans? Or, for that matter, what looks to be black gym shoes? And does it involve some kind of government conspiracy involving the Commander-in-Chiefs always having access to time travel technology? Because that would be awesome and make for a better movie.