Here’s an awesome Blue Velvet-inspired ad for PBR

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Before it became an unlikely staple of the hipster diet in the early aughts — due to its a) low cost, something that's appealing to the hipsters because they don't have jobs that pay well; and b) basement-low advertising budget, making it "the lovable and plucky underdog" when placed next to beers of similar quality such as Bud Light and Miller Lite — Pabst Blue Ribbon was what your lower-middle-class dad drank after a hard day at the plant. It was the beer made for America, by America. It was a cool, refreshing, easy-going-down beverage that would, after about a four-pack, take the edge off and usher the drinker into their cozy beds with a tiny non-hangover-inducing buzz before waking at the crack of dawn for tomorrow's work day.

There's an argument to be made that, in his pivotal work, Blue Velvet, David Lynch made his psychotic Frank Booth character (Dennis Hopper) so adamant about drinking PBR because Booth was representative of the unhinged seedy underbelly that lay beneath the American working class. Or maybe it was just because Lynch hated Heineken. Because, really, fuck that shit.

Anyway, enjoy this (unofficial, needless to say) ad for PBR, cut together from scenes from Blue Velvet. Really, what took the internet so long?