Here’s the non-shakey version of that trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

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If your weekend was anything like mine, it was spent combing through the YouTubes and other video-hosting websites, trying to stay one step ahead of Warner Bros.' legal department as they tried to stamp out the many, many leaks of the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. It's easily the most anticipated trailer of the year; there's a good chance the majority of the tickets sold for that new Mission: Impossible movie were just people wanting to check out this trailer. (And then, apparently, recording it on their shitty phone-cams and uploading the results.)

Well, instead of spending another week or so battling the spies, WB just went ahead and stuck the official, actually-good-looking version up:

(If you're looking for an HD-quality version, head over to their official site.)

First impressions of the footage: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle seems to mean just that (and not, say, her throwing on the Catwoman outfit). And it sure looks like Nolan & Co. are trying to capture the 1% vs. 99% zeitgeist currently going around (Occupy Gotham!), which is amazing in its own right, seeing as the big plot points must have been blocked before Zuccotti Park was taken over. And yes, the football scene looks kind of foolish, but that's just picking nits. This movie has earned our unadulterated excitement.