Here’s the best homemade fake trailer for The Dark Knight Rises you’re going to see

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To say that The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 is to speak a terrible understatement — it may be the most anticipated movie of the 2000s. So, obviously, there's been plenty of commentary, reaction and analysis when the official trailer was finally officially released. But, as is the case with many trailers, there's not a whole lot more to say other than, "Oh, that looks cool."

Or you can do what these kids did and just go out and film an amazing shot-for-shot remake of the damn thing.

It's your classic "sweded" trailer, a term/niche made popular by the generally disappointing Michel Gondry movie Be Kind Rewind, the Jack Black/Mos Def movie from 2008 that was a wonderful two-line synopsis that just didn't have the legs for a feature-length story. A lot of these "sweded" movies (feel free to YouTube a whole bunch on your own time) are simply cute exercises and nothing more. But this one is transcendent. It may be better than the actual trailer.  Everyone, go ahead and put down whatever you're doing and let's all collectively watch this: