House of the Devil director Ti West keeps his old-school horror streak alive in The Innkeepers

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Director and writer Ti West received a good deal of acclaim for The House of the Devil, a horror film in vintage style that ramped up tension to an almost unbearable level (before getting kind of silly at the end, but in some ways that only added to the '70s homage). And the trailer for his newest film, The Innkeepers, shows that West is staying true to form: he still likes solitary teenage girls in peril, big empty buildings with low light, and an understated look that never lets you distract yourself from the creepiness on screen. He still likes to cast at least one mumblecore darling in a supporting role — Greta Gerwig previously, Lena Dunham this time around. He still, also, does not trust basements. (Traumatic childhood memory, Ti?)

While West's direction of House of the Devil was more than capable, the rest of his resume and the aforementioned unraveling near the end of that film give me pause. (Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever? Really? I can't wait for the next installments, Cabin Fever 3: Saturday Night Fever and Cabin Fever 4: Dengue Fever.) But it is Halloween, so in the spirit of the day I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume this will be another deft, shriek-inducing horror romp.