Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) gets banned in the UK

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Sorry, readers in the U.K.: you'll never get the full Human Centipede experience, because the British Board of Film Classification just deemed the film too awful to be allowed onto your sceptered isle. It seems the BBFC caught on to the thing that's obvious to everyone: the entire premise of the film is horrifying and demeaning and Jesus Christ, what is wrong with writer-director Tom Six? But here's what they actually said about it:

The BBFC said the sequel’s central theme is the “sexual arousal of the central character at both the idea and the spectacle of the total degradation, humiliation, mutilation, torture and murder of his naked victim.”

The BBFC said in a statement: "There is little attempt to portray any of the victims in the film as anything other than objects to be brutalized, degraded and mutilated for the amusement and arousal of the central character, as well as for the pleasure of the audience."

The censor also went on to propose that the sequel "poses a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers.”

I'm not a big fan of Mr. Six — watch the "trailer" for the second film below to see his full self-satisfaction on display — but people are not actually going to be harmed by Human Centipede II, no matter how stupid and appalling it is. (And it is both those things, in great measure. I have no doubt.) This seems like a rather extreme response to just another film in the canon of torture porn. Didn't we learn a lesson from the censorship of A Clockwork Orange, BBFC? After all, the only difference is that movie was good.