Is this “Immortals” TV spot the most truthful movie ad ever made?

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Sometimes we get flack on this blog for posting movie trailers, which I never really understand. Sure, a movie trailer is more or less a commercial for a movie. But I love trailers. For one thing, a movie is a visual and aural experience — so you are, in essence, actually experiencing a sample of the product. (Which is why we don't generally post commercials for, say, Febreze. You can't sample Febreze over the internet, I am almost sure of it.) For another, actually good trailers can be enjoyable and well made in their own right, even as they advertise something they want you to spend money on.

Which is why I haven't written about any of the trailers for Tarsem Singh's upcoming interpretation of the myth of Theseus, Immortals, even though it's right in my wheelhouse as a fan of Singh and a former Classics major. They mostly struck me as retreads of 300 with a little more stylistic flair, and nothing much to brag about. But this TV spot, which was picked up by Rich at FourFour, is something else entirely: a movie ad that tells the obvious but unspoken truth.

You're correct, Mr. Voice Over: cool muscle-y guys are the reason I want to see that film. (Well, that and Eiko Ishioka's costumes.) The hot oracle chicks are neither here nor there for me personally. The mass killings are fine, I guess, but I'll really have to judge how cool they are after the film. But thank you for assuring me that even with the grand pronouncements and furrowed glares, you guys still have a sense of humor about this stuff.