It’s official: Jennifer Love Hewitt is the worst actress of the last 25 years

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Your suspicions are confirmed: Jennifer Love Hewitt is the worst actress of the last twenty-five years. This revelation arrives courtesy of a collaboration between Slate and Rotten Tomatoes; the former took the latter's massive collection of movie-review data and built software that analyzes the career trajectory of any actor or director you enter. Rotten Tomatoes divides films into "Rotten" (movies that received less than 60% critical approval) and "Fresh;" poor Hewitt has never starred in a "Fresh" film.

This data is pretty devastating, and will probably ensure that Jennifer Love Hewitt never acts again. No, actually, it probably won't. In fact, the worst director per Slate and RT was Dennis Dugan, who directed a number of shitty but enormously profitable Adam Sandler vehicles (including Big Daddy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and Grown Ups) and will soon darken our screens yet again. Critical approval obviously has little to do with success; this was never more clearly illustrated than in Hewitt's own Can't Hardly Wait. I remember watching that movie as a grumpy teenage film critic and thinking that if Ethan Embry couldn't figure out that he was wasting his time on the vapid Hewitt when the far more charismatic Lauren Ambrose languished before him, he didn't deserve a happy ending. He gets one anyway, while Ambrose ends up making out with Seth Green in a bathroom. Raw.