Jackass sequels ordered – four of them

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Jackass confirmed for four more sequels.

It looks like you'll be able to take your grandchildren to theaters and watch grown men ride shopping carts into bulls, or whatever. Paramount Pictures is reportedly so impressed with Jackass 3D's box-office success that it wants Johnny Knoxville and company to make four more sequels.

If you're surprised, don't worry — they are too. Said the esteemed Mr. Steve-O:

I thought our glory days were over and, yeah, you do worry about fading into obscurity a little bit. I can't believe how things have turned out both for me and for Jackass.

He and the rest of the boys are each being offered two-million dollars for every subsequent Jackass movie, said a studio source. So, what sort of geriatric pranks do you think they'll they be pulling in Jackass 7? And will our alien overlords think these movies are as funny we do?