James Cameron: Everyone needs to stop adding 3-D to movies, except me

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James Cameron films in 3D

The king of the world has spoken, and he's displeased with studios adding 3D to films in post-production. James Cameron, the cranky genius behind the biggest megablockbusters of our time, complained to the crowd at Blu-Con in Beverly Hills that studios shouldn't attempt to "shoehorn" 3D conversion into the normal post-production time frame, after the film is in the can. Said the director:

"I maintain you can't do a good conversion of a two-hour movie with high quality in a few weeks like they tried to do with Clash of the Titans. I don't mean to throw that movie under the bus because my buddy Sam [Worthington, star of Avatar] is in it, but I think everybody realized that this was a point at which people had gone too far."  

He also noted the failure of the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, to convert to 3D in time for its November 19 UK and US release dates.  

According to Cameron, only one exception should be made to his no-adding-3D-in-post rule, and that is for classic titles, such as Jaws, ET, and…wait for it…Titanic.