James Dean was molested, according to Elizabeth Taylor

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In sad and surprising news, it seems that James Dean may have been molested by his minister when he was just eleven-years old. The story also has a soap-operatic tint, since the secret was revealed today via Elizabeth Taylor, feeling like some sort of scandalous gossip from the beyond.  

According to writer Kevin Sessums, Taylor let Dean's secret slip in an interview fourteen years ago but made Sessums promise to keep it off the record until her death. Now, in an article for The Daily Beast, Sessums has published Taylor's confidential quote:

"When Jimmy was eleven and his mother passed away, he began to be molested by his minister. I think that haunted him the rest of his life. In fact, I know it did. We talked about it a lot. During Giant we'd stay up nights and talk and talk, and that was one of the things he confessed to me."

Wow. Dean confides in Taylor about being molested and asks her to keep it a secret, Taylor accidentally runs her mouth to a reporter, and Sessums agrees to keep quiet for the rest of her life? With a story that big, I'm surprised he was even able to wait a whole three days to get that off his chest.