James Franco and Winona Ryder to star in sexy new psycho-drama, “The Stare”

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James Franco and Winona Ryder have just signed on to star in a sexy new psychodrama currently entitled The Stare. We think the title presumably refers to the audience's willingness to longingly gaze into the eyes of the über-attractive leads for a good two-hours. In the film, Ryder is slated to play a playwright who experiences strange visions, hallucinations, and paranoia as she prepares a new stage production. Some little-known guy named James Franco will star as one of the actors in her play.

In other words, it sounds a lot like Black Swan for the community-theater crowd, which is cool with us. (Maybe Ryder's all-too-brief role in Swan further inspired her to get her crazy on?)  Could films in which hot brunettes lose their grip on reality and experience dramatic mental breakdowns be the latest trend at the multiplex? Sure beats whatever  3-D garbage Hollywood's been throwing our way since Avatar.