James Franco buys rights to “The Adderall Diaries” for the stage

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James Franco

James Franco bought the rights to the Stephen Elliott memoir, The Adderrall Diaries, which Franco plans to adapt for the stage. According to Deadline:

The memoir starts off a bit like In Cold Blood, in that a blocked writer turns to a murder trial to get himself going. Elliott, blocked for two years, reports on the trial of Hans Reiser, a computer programmer charged with killing the wife he met through a Russian dating service. Fueled by Adderall, a methamphetamine prescribed to help ADHD sufferers, Elliott's stream of consciousness prose veers into subjects that include his cruel father, Paris Hilton, and S&M.

Franco will write, star in, and direct the piece, providing it actually makes it to stage. (God, I hope it does, I would love to see how he plans to show drug-fueled "stream of consciousness prose.") I'm still more excited for his starring role in 127 Hours than any of his scholarly pursuits, but you have to give Franco props for wearing more hats than most actors his age.