James Franco is conducting a seance to speak to Tennessee Williams

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james franco

In his ongoing quest to out-Franco himself, James Franco will attempt to communicate with dead playwright Tennessee Williams through an Ouija board. Obviously, it's for art.

Franco's latest stunt is for Performa, the biannual NYC performance art festival. His show, which he'll perform with video artist Laurel Nakadate on November 13, is called "Three Artists in Search of Tennessee." In the first act, the duo will conduct the seance in order to speak with Williams, who is reportedly stoked to chat with Franco, according to local psychics. (Williams thought that Pineapple Express was "funny as balls, dude.") In the second act, actresses will audition for the part of Laura in The Glass Menagerie. For the final act, actors will audition for the part of Tom. Franco will assume the role of Gentleman Caller, which is, incidentally, the name of his new country music act with Bjork.

Oh, Franco. And here I thought you had outdone yourself with that dildo-and-sex-doll fest, which was somehow in the name of Rebel Without a Cause. You just have so much to give. But what I really want to know is what's your next project, James? An audience/performer deathmatch in the name of Art? A mystery General Hospital castmate re-enacting "The Artist is Present?" Channeling the ghost of Allen Ginsberg? Something with Kimiko?