James Franco to play serial killer in new movie

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James Franco

What's that, you say you feel jittery? Don't fret, that's just James Franco withdrawal. No worries, I got you. This Franco stuff I got isn't primo, but it'll set you right. It seems Franco will play satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez and also direct (of course) the movie version of author Philip Carlo's The Night Stalker. The film, also titled The Night Stalker, will delineate how Ramirez, currently on death row, evolved into an evil killer. Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell is a co-producer on the film.

Franco had previously made a short film about a serial killer, so it isn't completely uncharted territory. Said screenwriter Nicolas Constantine, "This isn't a horror film, nor does it glorify Ramirez in any way. James Franco shares that vision, and we all agree that he is absolutely the one actor, and now director, who can truly do this very intense role and story justice."

Wait, isn't Franco executive-producing a musical play at Yale, as well as making a movie with his family? Sure. But Franco doesn't sleep much, which leaves him with extra time to live a more purpose-driven, Franconian life. And Franco always chews what he bites off. After his art exhibit in Germany in February, your guess is as good as mine as to his next move. Perhaps an opera, or maybe a gig directing Michel Gondry directing Charlie Kaufman directing Spike Jonze directing Being James Franco.