Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds think their new movie is crap

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Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in The Change Up

Admittedly, it is absurdly well trodden ground for a movie plot: two people say they want each other's lives, have an experience with lightning, an old black man, or a body of water (sometimes all three), and wake up in each other's bodies (but they don't realize it until halfway through brushing their teeth, when they look and yell, "Aaah!"). But recycled movie plots aren't that interesting, except when the film's two stars tell everyone how shitty it is on their publicity tour

Last night, on The Daily Show, Jason Bateman summed it up concisely: "It's crap. The movie's garbage." And then made a weak attempt at a recovery, before shifting the conversation to other topics (Arrested Development the movie, how lame Jon Stewart is, etc.). Ryan Reynolds, earlier, was a bit more expansive. "Body switching is a pretty stupid fucking idea, but the movie's funny." 

I still won't see this movie, but this did make me mildly more interested in it. If nothing else, it's a reminder that Jason Bateman and (at least to some extent) Ryan Reynolds are funny, self-aware guys who happen to be making a shitty "just in it for the paycheck" summer movie.