Jason Schwartzman will join Wes Anderson for new film, “Moonrise Kingdom”

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Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson

It's a union we already know can lead to beautiful things. Jason Schwartzman — who first worked with director Wes Anderson on Rushmore more than a decade ago — has signed on to Anderson's new project, a film called Moonrise Kingdom. He joins a kind of absurdly star-studded cast, including Anderson-regular Bill Murray, along with Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, and Frances McDormand.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect from IMDB:

"Moonrise Kingdom is set in the '60s. Two young adults fall in love and run away. Leaders in their New England town are sticking the idea that they've disappeared and go in search of them. Norton will play a scout leader who brings his charges on a search. Willis is in talks to play the town sheriff who’s also looking, and who is having an affair with the missing girl’s mother, the role McDormand is in talks to play. Murray, a regular in Anderson films, will play the girl's father, who has his own issues.'"

It's not slated for release until 2012, but, I think it looks promising. I'd love to see Anderson take on a more ordinary (ish) suburban America. Not that I didn't enjoy his last couple of forays into the world of inexplicably wealthy eccentrics, but I was too distracted by (and jealous of) their beautiful overcoats and great luggage to focus.