Jason Segel is a philosophical stoner in Jeff, Who Lives at Home

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The trailer for Jeff, Who Lives at Home, the new indie offering from mumblecore auteurs Mark and Jay Duplass, has just been released after making the rounds at several film festivals. The brothers made their name off their previous films, The Puffy Chair, Baghead, and the black comedy, Cyrus. (Who can forget the creepy love triangle between Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, and John C. Reilly?)

In the new film, YouTube regular-guy heartthrob Jason Segel plays a thirty-something, unemployed stoner who's a little too into M. Night Shyamalan's Signs and spends most of his time stagnating in his single mother's (Susan Sarandon) basement, mired in an existential funk. A chance meeting with his salesman brother (a goateed Ed Helms) — who thinks his wife (rom-com staple Judy Greer) is cheating on him — leads to some fraternal bonding. If the film does well, maybe we'll get to see the sequel, Jeff, Who Lives in a Cheap Apartment. Jeff, Who Lives at Home hits theaters March 16.