Jennifer Lawrence can’t stop fighting for her life in House at the End of the Street trailer

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That Jennifer Lawrence just can't keep herself out of trouble, can she? After fighting of Ozark meth-heads in Winter's Bone and knife-wielding teenage killing machines in The Hunger Games (you probably haven't heard of it), you'd think she might want to do something slightly less violent. Maybe an indie comedy or a quiet period drama. But no: Lawrence is back to the blood and gore with The House at the End of the Street, which finds the charming and currently ubiquitous actress in classic scream-queen mode. And I do mean classic: this is some serious, pre-Scream, irony-free shit. Creepy houses! Unresolved murders! Insane siblings, I think! Creepy woods! Elisabeth Shue!

It's nothing you haven't seen before, and I feel like I can guess the ending already, but I'll watch some B-movie trifle for JLaw:

Final thought: has anyone ever on earth said, "I think this place is gonna be really good for us"? And, you know, not been murdered or cheated on or haunted or made into a lampshade by a clan of deranged hillbillies? What are you thinking, Elisabeth Shue? Do you want your daughter to be murdered by the neighborhood psychopath and his feral sister? (Maybe now that she's a surly teenager she's been curbing your steez?) In that case, well played.