Jesse Eisenberg to discuss Facebook movie on MySpace

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Jesse Eisenberg of Facebook movie to discuss "The Social Network" on MySpace.

Surely, you're pretty excited about the impending release of The Social Network, which is now only one week away. After all, Facebook is your most favorite social networking platform ever. So why not learn more about the film from its stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake, both of whom will be discussing the Facebook movie on… MYSPACE?

WTFML! C'est vrai, mon ami; this Sunday on MySpace, Eisenberg and Timberlake will be joined by fellow The Social Network people like Andrew Garfield and Aaron Sorkin to discuss the Mark Zuckerberg-centric movie. 

Should be an interesting discussion, but hardly anybody will be able to confirm this, because most people have long forgotten the passwords to their MySpace accounts.