Jodie Foster’s “Beaver” captures Mel Gibson at his peak

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Mel Gibson beaver

Since I know you're going to ask: yes, that headline is very much intentional.

When I first saw the on-set stills from The Beaver, I assumed it was an off-the-wall comedy of the Hot Tub Time Machine variety. (Or The Hangover, which Mel Gibson was just unceremoniously booted from.) But now that the trailer is finally out — seemingly years after the shoot itself — things get even stranger.

First of all, the film is directed by Jodie Foster, so you know that unless it's a total wisecrack session, a la Maverick, it's not going to be some rip-roaring knee-slapper. Secondly, the moment you see Gibson's face, you can just hear a movie-theater audience say, in unison: "Oh wait, he's in this? Next!" and keep talking to their neighbor until the next trailer starts.

Third… this is a sentimental family drama? Hmm….

One more thing: The Beaver doesn't even open until "Spring 2011." Anyone want to guess why this is taking forever?