Johnny Depp in talks to star in yet another “Pirates” movie; makes absurd amounts of money

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Johnny Depp

Cue collective groans. Johnny Depp is close to wrapping a deal to star in yet another Pirates film. Jerry Bruckheimer has claimed to have been working on a script since May for what would be the fifth film in the franchise, and according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Depp has said, "As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together, I would most definitely consider it." We assume by "puzzle pieces" he means copious dollar signs, considering he's already made 350 million off his Keith Richards impersonation.

If anything, I guess we should admire Depp's ability to sell out like a rock star while still maintaining an unprecedented level of likability, though his rugged good looks and ample charm probably have something to do with it. Let's just hope he fills out his time between one-note Captain Jack Sparrow get-ups playing characters with a little more depth.